Social Media: Us and Them

Most everyone has some sort of connection to social media. Young, old, unborn children, they all likely have either used or been documented on social media of some kind. With this growing community on the internet, companies have been gnawing at the bits to establish themselves as a social media must-follow.

Companies use social media for a variety of reasons varying from communication with customers, to reporting finances and communicating with investors (Xiong and MacKenzie 2015). They aren’t limited to just these options, however. Companies will try to utilize the viral factor that’s grown popular over the past couple of years, as seen with Samsung taking the viral selfie at the Academy Awards in 2014, which would break the record for the most retweeted tweet ever, a record it has since lost (Vranica 2014). Viral marketing is the king of the social media game.

Social media to an individual can be a bit different. There’s a lot of variety that can be encountered when looking at one’s personal social media. Some view it as a brand and are very protective of what they post. You can see this quite a bit with people who have especially large followings. Other’s view it as just an outlet and will post just about whatever they want. If I had a dollar for every racist meme that came across my feed, I’d stop writing and ball out on my sweet social media money.

But overall, it’s much more relaxed with personal social media. There just aren’t as many eyes glued and waiting for the next mess up, whereas, with companies, it’s almost as if that’s what we’re all waiting for. To an extent, these corporations are viewed as the bad guys, so their social media are usually meant to represent a more fun, comical side. It comes down to wanting to humanize themselves, whereas the average person doesn’t have to jump the hurdle of building a reputation with others.

Social media is a unique part of communication. It’s available on such a wide scale to such a large amount of people, it sets itself apart from other ways of communicating. But it’s not simple, and it has its own flaws and pitfalls that can be even larger for companies already under a natural microscope. It’s there that we find the difference between personal social media and company social media.


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Vranica, S. (2014, March 3). Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung’s Ad Strategy. Retrieved from

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