So, what is computer-mediated communication?

(The following post is for my class, and I figured I might as well get paid for it.)

I recently started up a class that centers around computer-mediated communication. Now, you maybe be asking yourself, “what is computer-mediated communication?” To put it into English words, it’s to communicate using a computer. This very post is actually an example of computer-mediated communication, as I’m using a computer to relay information to the reader using the internet. Oh, how technology has grown.

Communicating through a computer is an act most people partake in daily. I use social networks to talk with my friends and to stay somewhat in the loop on the news, although that can be a double-edged sword. I also use sites as Reddit so I can stay in communication with groups who have similar interests and hobbies as myself.

I think computer-mediated communication is an inherently good thing. It’s easier to communicate then it was before the technology was integrated. Here’s a real hot take; people can even be more productive with technology if they can utilize it correctly, it’s just that none of are quite capable of that. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its flaws. This rush of technology has opened the door for all kinds of issues that weren’t as prevalent until technology brought them about, such as misleading pages that portray themselves as news outlets, or the use of memes to further political agenda, which I’m unsure is a good or a bad thing, although I suspect with how the culture has accepted memes, it can be a good thing.

Privacy is a bit different than what it used to mean. You can still maintain some degree of privacy, but it requires a pretty serious distance from social media and other avenues that require one to leave a digital footprint. Anonymity on the internet is near impossible. There’s always someone who can find something out.

But what does the future of computer-mediated communication look like? I’d like to imagine it’s cyberpunk, but that’s quite the optimistic view. Realistically, I imagine virtual and augmented reality will be utilized quite a bit more. The technology is here already, but it’s in need of more refinement before I see it being of any use.

It’s pretty safe to say that a reliance on communicating using the internet has an effect on face-to-face communication. I’m not much of a talker to begin with, and most of my close friends live pretty far away from me. I imagine it’s had some impact on how I converse with others, but to what degree I’m unsure of.

Computer-mediated communication is the norm. It’s a large part of everyday life and will likely only grow and become even more integrated. I’m eager to see where it goes, while also slightly afraid cause the planet might be dead in fifty years before it ever reaches its apex. I remain hopeful, however, as the future is often not set in stone.

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