Netflix is Dying

The title is most definitely clickbait. Netflix is gonna be fine, at least for the next couple years. After that, it might be up shit creek but as is tradition, that’s a problem for the future.

Netflix was the original streaming giant. In 2018, they generated $15.8 billion, and the recent hit that took in June was the first time that Netflix experienced a loss since they separated the streaming and DVD rental businesses because as well know, DVD’s were a viable, long-term market that is still thriving today.

It’s no surprise that Netflix is a big conversation topic. It was recently announced that The Office was leaving Netflix and moving to NBC’s streaming service. As can be imagined, the same people who have watched The Office 47 times through had their finger hovering over the “Cancel Subscription” button with the same energy someone has before they launch a nuke. Human’s don’t handle loss well, I know this because the same exact thing happened a year ago when it was announced that Friends was leaving Netflix. Fascinating creatures us humans are.

Losing shows isn’t what’s going to impact Netflix in the long run, but rather the ever convoluted market that is the streaming format. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have been the big players for a long time, and with the lingering presence of Disney Plus on the horizon, it’s about to get a bit more crowded. Most major networks are also booting up their own streaming services, and it’s only a matter of time before people start to make cuts in the abundance of services they have.

It’s a shame, as it’s starting to mirror a Cable TV system, which has been growing obsolete because of these streaming companies utilizing varieties of shows into central locations at prices cheaper than you’d have to pay for even basic cable. But then again, I could be completely wrong. Trends are difficult to predict and technology is an ever-evolving area.

So maybe this really is the end or merely a small hiccup. I’m not much a betting man, I’ve been gambling a handful of times, and I’m still not a millionaire. But if The Office is what kills Netflix, I will never again forget the power of Michael Scott and the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

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