A Trip Down Memory Lane

Recently, one of my good friends and I have recently begun a playthrough of the Halo series on the Legendary difficulty. We decided on it only recently after I told him I’d only played a few of the games, with those being Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5, and I’d never played any of them on Legendary. That’s one of the most insulting things a long time Xbox user can say. It’s the equivalent to making an incredibly insulting statement directed at someone’s mother.

I’m sure you’d like for me to refer to the experience as a positive one, but I suspect it’s slowly killing me. You think you know yourself, and then you spend 40 minutes on the same god damn bridge and it’s two in the morning and you’re slowly becoming delusional, but at least you’re kind of having fun because the slow inching towards victory is like reaching the end of a marathon.  Was it really worth it? Probably not.

It is fun to dive back into the classic couch co-op format, while we still have to play together over Xbox Live given we still live quite a distance away. It’s a well-known fact that multiplayer gaming peaked with Halo 3 Custom Games and every game since has been a futile attempt to recreate that success. You can’t beat perfection.

It’s quite ironic my enjoyment for gaming has now delved into a sense of torture that keeps me up late into the night and cynical of all life. It’s like I’m a teenager again. Joking aside, it has been fun to delve back into a style of gaming that influenced what I enjoy now. It really left me wondering how we’ll see generations that are growing up with more modern gaming and how they’ll change the medium going forward.

It’s been a terrible time playing through Halo: Combat Evolved (we’re about halfway through so far) and I’m sure that I’ll still be miserable as I continue down the path but much like Sekiro and Dead Souls, the challenge is part of the fun. I have much to look forward to, as my friends have told me multiple times that Halo 2 is the toughest in the series, so hopefully, I’ll make it to the other end of this odd and nostalgic journey.

In the Circle

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Hello! My name is Jordan but you can call me Jordy! I’m an aspiring young writer/creator who focuses primarily on video arts such as movies and video games, as well as anything else that catches my attention. I’m a pretty mellow, introverted guy but I welcome conversation so feel free to reach out! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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