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Captain Marvel: Can The Feminist Icon Withstand The Weight She Carries?

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This review is spoiler free!

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The world has been abuzz with the MCU’s latest film for quite some time. It’s especially infuriated the incels and trolls, as seen by the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. As a Marvel movie aficionado, I feel obligated to give you the best review one can without contaminating a review without women-hating ideals and a desire to infuriate others strictly to upset and do so without spoilers.

So does it work as a movie that reinforces feminism and gives women both young and old a role model? In my opinion, yes. Carol Danvers is shown as a no-nonsense, powerful figure who is able to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of her through hard work, the same ideals children are taught and that we’ve seen in other Marvel characters, but it’s the first time in the MCU we’ve seen it done with a woman-lead. For those eager to have female representation in the Marvel movies, they will be happy with Carol Danvers.

Now, is Captain Marvel a good movie? Yes. If you’ve seen a Marvel movie, you know it that it will be by no means a bad movie. With that being said, it does not do much to break free from the traditional superhero movie. Plot-wise, it’s a bit on the predictable side. My girlfriend and I were both able to call the plot twists pretty early in but still enjoyed ourselves. The special effects and actions meet the standards that Marvel has now set for themselves, which is quite high.

It is essentially a stand-alone film. It won’t have any major impact on Avengers: Endgame from what I was able to see. There’s a post-credit scene that you’ll want to keep an eye out for (there are two post-credits scenes in Captain Marvel) and like most post-credit scenes, there either meant to be humorous or a set-up for the next film. I’ll let you decide which is which.

So, should you see Captain Marvel in theaters? Obviously. It’s all around a great movie with endearing characters (Nick Fury is back in this bitch) and it’s a classic Marvel movie. I suspect that it will go down in a way that Iron Man and the original Guardians of the Galaxy where it establishes a new norm for the MCU and we’ll see the next phase of movies base itself off of what Captain Marvel has established. It’s simply the start of something new and I feel that alone is a reason to watch it, and combined with the social impact it’s likely to have, Captain Marvel is a must see for any fan of film.



2 thoughts on “Captain Marvel: Can The Feminist Icon Withstand The Weight She Carries?”

  1. Lol I’m sorry to combat you again, but 90% of the negative reviews are from everyday people, not Trolls or “Incels”. Not even 4Chan has the power to review bomb a movie that hard. I wouldn’t argue that it is a healthy habit to insult everyday people just because another article does it.

    Regardless I’m glad to hear that you and your GF enjoyed the movie.


    1. You’re welcome to disagree, but can I ask what your source is? It’s been shown that even before it’s release, it was getting bombarded with negative reviews, to the extent Rotten Tomatoes had to disable comments before it’s release date ( Even now, audience reviews are still fluctuating as comments have to be removed because they aren’t providing valid criticism (at the time I’m writing this, it’s sitting at just over 39,000 user ratings, while earlier screen grabs show comments were at some point over 50,000 ratings


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