Living Out My Dream In The Sims 4

Few haven’t heard of the long-standing game franchise that is The Sims. First released in early 2000, it has gone on to have remarkable success and multiple variations across many platforms. It’s a life simulator that allows the player to live a life in just about any way they wish to.

Now, I’ve not been in the writing game all that long, and I’ve already grown impatient. So I decided to test the water and become an acclaimed writer in the world of The Sims 4. I naturally had to establish some rules for myself as I couldn’t just use cheat codes and sit around and do nothing while becoming a writer, and I also had to try my best to pursue relationships and friendships as a means of imitating real life, despite being the anti-social narcissist I know myself to be.

Jordy has lived an eventful life so far, starting off single an in a two bedroom apartment as a writing assistant, to marrying his neighbor and quitting his job as a successful novelist to write full time. He now lives in a four-bedroom house and is quickly making his way to be the wealthiest man in town. He is the one percent.

Becoming successful in The Sims is a much more easy experience than it’s real life alternative. Where my sim, a more attractive version of myself, can sit down at a computer for hours without breaking from his work, my easily distracted ass can never pull off such a feat. I’m three paragraphs in, and it’s taken me 90 minutes to do so, whereas my sims counterpart was a successful novelist in about 14 days.

Jordy is a master of the written word, a God to the mere mortals of Willow Creek. His wife is also an astronaut, and he has three kids. He’s the man. A little bit dull and probably not as funny as I am, but still the man.

But, it is just a game. I didn’t try to hold myself to the standard that I could be a superhero after I played Spider-Man for PlayStation (but how cool would that be?) I find ins somewhat motivating even, that a possibility for success exists in a medium. I’ve gotten more writing done in the past couple days than I have for quite some time, so I can’t complain. The Sims is as fun as it has ever been, and still as absurd when the aliens abduct your sim when looking through a telescope.

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about me, you can take a gander at my “About Me” portion of my blog, or check out my other writings here!

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Hello! My name is Jordan but you can call me Jordy! I’m an aspiring young writer/creator who focuses primarily on video arts such as movies and video games, as well as anything else that catches my attention. I’m a pretty mellow, introverted guy but I welcome conversation so feel free to reach out! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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