In the Circle

A Dreadful Case of Nostalgia

Kingdom Hearts III was released on January 29th, just over 13 years from the previous main entry of Kingdom Hearts II. There have been a few games that could match the excitement that has culminated within that time. So naturally, the day comes, and I spent the next couple of days locked away and speeding my way through the story and reaching the climactic end.

It was good, I’ll make no argument there, but I wasn’t blown away. I suspect that a mixture of anticipation following such a long wait and overall appreciation for the series created this expectation for it to be something it was never intended to be. I’ve seen the Kingdom Hearts Reddit pages, it’s a war over there.

So I pushed myself through the main story in 25 hours.  I had to get it out fast before the measles came for me. Can’t take any risks when people run around out here with any vaccinations. That’s a political joke to distract you from my constant complaining.

I’m an old man now by societal standards. 22 is the new 65. As technology has progressed at such an accelerated rate in my lifetime, I find myself prone to such nostalgic feelings quite easily, which has become the silent killer of my joy. It has skewed my biases to the point where anything related to my childhood has ascended so high on the totem where I find myself easily dissatisfied when it doesn’t measure up to what I expected.

So here I am, completed a game I spent 13 years waiting for, and all I feel is unfulfilled. It’s the most significant flaw of someone who must write about stuff they love for a job as I now view them more for the art they are than the fun medium they used to be. I likely need to find a way to balance the two, before I inevitably go crazy in the two years I assume I have left. That is, if the measles doesn’t get me first.


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