Can I Prove Aliens Exist?

Much like anyone who has older siblings will tell you, they had much more power than their siblings. My older brother, in particular, was in control of the TV remote whenever we were home. My childhood consisted mostly of trashy daytime television and the History channel. As you’re probably aware, the History channel includes less of the marvels of the past and more on the possible impact aliens had on ancient civilizations and whether Bigfoot exists.

While reflecting on my odd childhood, I noted my interest in space and potential alien life. I’ve always considered the life likely exists within our massive universe, as many people would probably agree. Some would go as far as to say that they’ve had legitimate encounters with extraterrestrial life. Now I have no clue if these claims are accurate, but ever the eager child-at-heart that I am, I feel an obligation to find the truth. Now, it would be easy to research some statistical probability of extraterrestrial life, but that’s not fun, so I’ve decided to find my answer in the next best place; YouTube videos.

Skinny Bob

“Skinny Bob” refers to a popular video of an alleged alien that was released from a supposed KGB leak. I want to start by acknowledging that Skinny Bob is an insulting name. I wouldn’t like to be called “Skinny-Wrist Jordan,” apparently the truthers are an insulting bunch.

The credibility of all footage is going to be questionable. Our big-headed friend could undoubtedly be a product of special effects, albeit the skills necessary would be impressive. Its movements are limited in the footage, and a search into the background of its origins turned up nothing worth mentioning. Given the lack of history with Skinny Bob, I cannot give him the seal of approval.

Evil Creature 

To call this creature an alien is a stretch, but I have no one to answer to so I can stretch it about as far as I possibly can. Now, an obvious takeaway is the large screen obscuring the view. The lack of focus and the humanoid shape also calls into question the validity of the footage, not to mention the man calling a friend instead of someone who might be more suitable for the situation is questionable.

I can only judge so much, given if I were the man in the video I’d likely hide and ignore whatever was on my lawn because I’m a coward at heart. Let it be someone else’s problem; I don’t have the time to deal with mysterious figures harassing me, I’m a busy guy, I have to write below average blog posts. After reviewing the video, I’m gonna have to give it a screen blurred no.

Turkish UFO Sightings 

This video is different from the others because there are multiple sightings and multiple videos corresponding to the events so it will require legitimate research to determine its credibility. Fortunately, such a discussed incident has left a lengthy paper trail, including a lengthy report from TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

TUBITAK goes on to state that footage itself is genuine, but that other factors such as location, time, and dimensions of the unidentified objects could not be confirmed. Now, given that I had to put actual work into the background of this video, I have to give it a serious answer that there’s not enough evidence to credibly state that we’ve found the aliens, no matter how disappointing it is. My heart was also broken.

Russia Dead Alien Footage

Have you ever seen something that completely restores ones shattered ideals? This video isn’t one of them. Now I’ve had a tough time trusting the Russians ever since they rigged the election, and this video doesn’t do much to help the cause. The quality is akin to something you’d see from an Envy 2 back in 2006 only worse.

The “body” was placed next to an overturned stump, and I saw no flying saucer as the title dictates. The body looks like a plastic bag left on a wet sidewalk for six and a half days. I’d burn my fingerprints off before I let my hand touch whatever it is. With that being said, if aliens exist on our small planet, I’m reasonably confident they would be in the desolate winter wonderland that was formerly the Soviet Union. I’ll be patiently waiting for their response to let me see the aliens they’ve hidden in all that snow, so we’ll give this one a 50/50 chance.

Final Answer

So, do aliens exist? I’d like to think so, but as it turns out, YouTube isn’t the ideal source for credible evidence. Who would’ve guessed that? I’m still holding out for the day Donnie Trump slips up and spills the beans on any E.T.’s out there, but until that day, we’ll just jump to conclusions on any video we come across because there’s no fun without a little outrageousness.

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